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kryptonian moose with a hernia

Rowan Blanchard Says Wearing Makeup Is "A Costume"

  • Rowan Blanchard's "signature look" is her brushed out brunette brows.

  • In a new interview with Byrdie, the actor and activist revealed she's ready to take her look in a totally different direction. “I want to see what I look like with my eyebrows bleached," she said. "I want to do glitter eyebrows. I do nothing to my eyebrows." Another item on her beauty bucket list? “I want to dye my hair platinum blonde."

  • Talks about the Power of Make-up: “I definitely feel like I’m always deciding what kind of performance, or what kind of drag, I want to be in," she said, of making hair and makeup decisions. "I have always looked at makeup like that — a costume. Maybe it’s because I’ve been acting. It’s something that can change your personality almost and intensify the way that you perform.”


ONTD, have you ever bleached your eyebrows?
Tags: beauty / makeup, boy / girl meets world

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