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The View talks to Omarosa, George Papadopoulos, and Woodward's FEAR is OUT

The View has been back since after Labor Day. With the departures of Sara Haines who is now the co-host of GMA Day which started airing this week and Paula Faris who has taken a new role within ABC News, Abby Huntsman is the newest co-host of The View. She joins Whoopi, Sunny Hostin, Joy Behar and Meghan McCain. Huntsman is the daughter of the former US Ambassador to China and current US Ambassador to Russia Jon Huntsman Jr. She was previously a Fox News general reporter and was previously on ABC as an intern for Good Morning America and Diane Sawyer.

Today, former Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos details his meeting with the Maltese professor who claimed to have damaging information about Clinton and his sentencing. Yesterday, former Trump aide Omarosa Manigault Newman claims the president was not pleased with Sarah Sanders' performance on The View back in Sep. 2017, saying he felt "she did not defend him tough enough on the show." She also plays a new audio clip during her appearance.

The show last week discussed the impact of Bob Woodward's new book FEAR which is out today.

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