ms_mmelissa (ms_mmelissa) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Nicole Kidman refuses to answer question about her wigs at TIFF

  • Kidman is at TIFF promoting her film Destroyer

  • Kidman very purposely deglamed with some gray wigs for the role

  • She was asked to rank her wigs during the audience q&a and shut the question down

  • Tatiana Maslany and Sebastian Stan co-star in the film about a detective haunted by a case she worked decades ago

  • Destroyer opens x-mas day


This isn't "You look like an anorexic how much do you weigh?" level of bad, but it's not a great question.

ONTD what ridiculous questions would you want to ask a celeb during a q&a?
Tags: #tiff18, film - festival, nicole kidman, sebastian stan, tatiana maslany

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