Gay Youtubers Mark and Ethan have broken up. Gay internet has a meltdown.

- Gay youtubers Mark Miller and Ethan Hethcove have broken up after 5+ years of being together because Love is dead.
- It's actually an amicable split and they're very mature about it, but they give a piss poor reason.
- The outrage forced Mark to post: “guys guys guys! people will believe what they want to no matter what you do, but for what its worth, please gosh darn just calm yourself!! CHEEEL! we’re both humans, just like you, we cry, we laugh, we bleed. we chose to communicate this to you all hoping it would give you a LITTLE insight to where we are. we shot for 40 minutes, I edited this down to 5. I know I was tearing up… NO SH**, I LOVE that man up there. Crying feels great, give it try sometime. As far as videos, yeh videos still coming. Got a Mexico City video in the works now, pumped to get it out there!! Alright, we cool? GREAT. Has a good one dudes xo


ONTD, how's your love life?