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Ashlee + Evan Recap

+ Ashlee feels guilty about wanting to work on new music after being a stay-at-home mom to Bronx (9) and Jagger (2)

+ Ashlee and Papa Joe have a better relationship since he stopped being her manager

+ Ashlee throws an Evan themed party for her husband where their guests dress like him. The party is to celebrate Evan coming back from filming a show for a few months. He is going to take a break and spend time at home before he films another project

+ Ashlee and Evan want to record a song before they visit Evan's mom Diana Ross and his family (including his sister Tracee Ellis Ross), but their recording session is interrupted by a phone call from Evan's manager with a new acting role

+ Evan is afraid to tell Ashlee that he wants to accept the offer instead of taking a break like he said he would

+ Ashlee is sad that she doesn't feel like her and Evan's music is a priority to him

+ Evan passes on the movie role

+ Ashlee refers to her mother-in-law as Mama D. They visit Evan's family in Greenwich, CT.  Diana loves the song they wrote.

+ Evan tells Ashlee he wants to have another baby. Ashlee makes a face that Evan says usually means that she doesn't like the idea but doesn't want to say no

Similarily to when Ashlee was known for the stains on her t-shirts and being a big flirt on the Ashlee Simpson show, the song she and Evan were working on in the show was released. It is called I Do and it's about how much they love each other.


ONTD: Did you watch the show? 
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