Lady Gaga says "fame is very unnatural" at #TIFF18 presscon

  • Grammy® award-winning singer and actress Lady Gaga attended the #TIFF18 presscon for her film debut 'A Star is Born' today. The "Paparazzi" singer said during the presscon that "fame is very unnatural" and Hollywood should intervene to save artists struggling from mental health, addiction, and substance abuse issues.

  • “I think what would be wonderful is that we intervene early in life when we see people struggling. I think fame is very unnatural. And we see that Jack is struggling is this film. There's substance abuse, there's trauma. Ally also, for me, is struggling from depression at the beginning of the film, in not believing in herself. I think it's important that we guide artists and take care of them on a psychological level as they rise. People think that we change, but it's not us that changes, it’s everyone around us that changes.”


How do you fight your own demons, ONTD?