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ONTD Original: Female Rappers To Check Out


I figured since Nicki's been canceled, Cardi should be canceled, Iggy canceled herself, and Azealia never was it's time to invested in some more female rappers.
I know there are a shit ton of female rappers out at the moment, but many ONTDers don't know about them or more than likely ya'll don't listen to hip hop and just want to complain. I will admit that while I've heard of most of these ladies I don't listen to a ton of them. Let's change that together, today. I think all 50 or so ONTDers can band together and give these ladies a few streams. Spread the word to your twitter compadres. Rave about them on ATRL/OneHallyu/KTT/LSA (maybe not, cuz all those sites hate women). Maybe we can get one of these ladies on the Hot 100.

Rico Nasty 2.jpg
Rico Nasty
I won't lie; I like trap music, so Rico Nasty speaks to me. In terms of women likely to blow up in the future Rico Nasty is next up. Her sound is very mainstream and she's gaining fame very fast.

Molly 1.jpgMolly Brazy
Molly Brazy is a trap rapper from the Motor City. Ms. Brazy takes influence from Nicki Minaj and her own hardships to create music that place her among the rap patheon.

lizzo 1.jpg
One of the more well known women on the list, Lizzo has been featured in mainstream publications and on here. She had a song her label was very obviously trying to push (Good As Hell), but it went nowhere. Still, that shows that they believe she can gain mainstream success, and she probably will.

cupcakke 2.jpgCupcakke
Ya'll (and twitter) love this girl. She ain't for me, but she seems like she's a sweetheart so keep doing the damn thing babygirl.

noname 2.jpgNoname
Noname is a rapper and activist based out of Chicago. Another rapper with notoriety, Noname is a part of the same class of Chicago rappers as Chance The Rapper and Vic Mensa. Unless the trap and Soundcloud eras of hip-hop let up then Noname probably won’t see too much Hot 100 success. That’s fine though, because she occupies a lane that will bring her commercial and critical success in the future.

070 1.jpg070 Shake
A gay, Latina rapper from New Jersey. She’s more Soundcloud rap than trap or anything else. She’s signed to G.O.O.D Music; both Kanye and Pusha T saw her potential. Don’t let that dissuade you tho, I think she makes nice bops for the crowd who likes Lil Uzi Vert and crew (so me).

tierra 2.jpg
Tierra Whack
She has the flow of a Thugga clone but the creativity that none of the clones (or their daddy) can touch. She artsy, and if ya'll like the artsy black girl aesthetic then she's the girl for you.

nokia 1.jpg
Princess Nokia
She threw soup on that racist white man last year and kicked a white boy outta her show who disrespected her so that's enough reasons to stan. She put out a moody emo rock rap album earlier this year, so if you're into the whole Juice Wrld/Lil Peep sound then you might like that album. Her other stuff is good too, but is more regular rap than soundcloud rap.

dreezy 2.jpg
Idk what Dreezy's up to these days but she had a minor hit with Jeremih a couple of years ago called 'Body'. She makes good trap style music. Her voice isn't for everyone tho, she got a lot of shit for sounding like a little boy singing about sex. She can't help what she sounds like so I can’t make fun of her for that.

dej 1.jpg
Dej Loaf
She's from Detroit so I feel obligated to include her. Ms. Loaf of bread was poised to become a big rapper too (probably why her label is giving her more poppier sounding songs) and had two hits in the past, 'Try Me' and 'Back Up' with mild Detroit legend Big Sean. She still has the potential to blow up so don't sleep on her. She also has a great sense of personal style, but it looks like she wiped her Instagram recently so all of her lewks are gone.

Other rappers to check out
Saweetie, Jean Deaux, Asian Doll, Kash Doll, Cuban Doll, Bali Baby, BbyMutha, DreamDoll, Maliibu Miitch, Kari Faux, Kamaiyah, Junglepussy, Chynna, Dai Burger, Tink, Tommy Genesis, Qauy Dash, IAMDDB, Stefflon Don.

Ontd, who are your favorite female rappers?


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