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ONTD Original: 15 TV shows that deserve a revival before 2018 ends.

Every single show is coming back (do we really need a Murphy Brown revival?). But here are 10 tv shows that deserve a revival and still haven't get one even tho we're living in Revival time.

15. Tru Calling (2003-2005)

FREEEEEEE MEEEEEEEE!!! BEFOREEEEE I SLIIIIIIPPPP AWAAAAAYYYYY!!! The show was cancelled with just 7 episodes into season 2 and it had a nice premise. Eliza Dushku could relive a day to stop people from dying. It was one of the first shows that had the balls to kill a main character (they killed a very young, sweet and closeted Matt Bomer). Imagine Tru coming back and finding out Matt Bomer is actually alive...Zach Galiakanfosakndlas in a not-annoying role?! Genius!

14. Once & Again (1999-2002)

A decent and real TV show about divorced parents and real issues with decent not exaggerated acting and portraying parents and children as real people? TV has not achieved to put another feel good drama like this for us children of divorce. Also, Misha Barton and Evan Rachel Wood as teen lesbians discovering their feelings? YAS! Gimme a revival 16 years later!!

13. Life as We Know It (1999-2002)

Poor man's Tom Cruise Sean Faris was actually pretty cute in this. But they managed to make a trio of horny teens actually...not suck. Also, Kelly Osbourne wtf? Maybe a reboot would work best for this...

12. Two Guys and a Girl and a Pizza Place (1998-2001)

Ryan Reynolds? on my tv? YES! This was actually a pretty funny comedy. And since even Meryl fucking Streep is doing tv, why couldn't Ryan comeback for another season of TGAAGAAPP. The show ended on a cliffhanger, but it's still worth rewatching. And who can forget the classic Halloween episode (video above), if you can ignore the subtle homophobia/transphobia.

11. It's All Relative (2003-2004)

LOVING GAY DADS FIGHTING EXTREMELY RELIGIOUS PEOPLE?! SIGN. ME. THE. FUCK. UP. And from the creators of Will & Grace!! Put this show back in the air (The Fosters who?)

10. Animorphs (1998-2000)

Five kids and an alien with the ability to turn into any beast they touch vs. an army of parasitic aliens who are slowly infiltrating Earth? imagine what they could do with today's technology! And if it moves form nick to Starz they can show peen! Also, there's an entire demographic of furries that would love this, lbr...

09. Alias (2001-2006)

Sydney bristow needs to get some work, but Alias' twist would be more welcomed in today's times. Imagine binge watching an entire 13 episode season of Alias on a day. Yes pls! Also... GIMME ALL THE RED WIGS!!

08. Drive (2007)

Short lived series about a team of people racing for different reasons. It was like Fast and Furious meets Saw. Quite entertaining and it'd certainly be morkle appreciated during this times.

07. Ally McBeal (1997-2002)

She's iconic. Real. a Great Character. Also, i do not oppose if they bring RDJ back to TV. Also, DANCING BABY!!!

06. Jack & Bobby (2004-2005)

Very unlike The WB, and i definitely do not see this happening in the CW but it was damn good show about the early life of Bobby McCallister, a progressive President of the United States from 2041 to 2049 and he tells the story about his deceased brother. They could play This is Us' emotional angle and make it about the first women president?

05. The Class (2006-2007)

A great comedy and it has Lizzy Caplan. Do you need more? Watch the clip!

04. Reunion (2005-2006)

It was a mess, yet still quite engaging. Definitely a guilty pleasure. Still, the ending was unresolved so we're due an explanation.

03. Girlfriends (2005-2006)

Smart, sexy and funny show about poc girlfriends? This show was ahhhhhhmazing and way ahead of it's time. Fucking CW had to cancel it. And pls avoid The Game, it's just not good.

02. That 90's Show

That 70's show was ah-mahzing and it's spinoff That 80's show was.... something that...happened. idk. But with so many 90's kid going full on nostalgia, how is it that we don't have a 'That 90's show' yet?

01. Happy Endings (2011-2013)

You clumsy stupid bitches. This show was ah-mah-zinggggg and you let it go. Probably one of the worst cancellations of the last few years. Brad and Jane are couple goals. Max is hilarious (AND HE NEEDS TO COME BACK TO GRANT). Penny is ah-mah-zin. Alex is not as dumb as she is and Dave is... Dave. ugh.

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ONTD, which show do you wanna see come back?
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