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Nelly Furtado vs. Fergie?

Smelly Furtaco and "Justin Timberlake have joined forces with their old pal Timbaland for some good ol' fashion dissin'. The track, "Give It to Me," picks up on a personal beef for JT. He comes out swingin' against Prince, who said at an Emmys party, "For whoever is claiming that they are bringing sexy back, sexy never left!" Justin's response? "If sexy never left/ then why's everybody on my sh-t?/Don't hate on me just because/you didn't come up with it." Thanks for sharing, JT!

Our own little slice of pop hotness, Nelly, was asked on Ryan Seacrest's radio show if her verse was about Fergie (not the Duchess of York, though that would be pretty amazing). The rumour was fuelled by the lines, "Seen ya try to switch it up but girl you ain't got to," and "You love my a-- and my abs and the video called 'Promiscuous'/my style is meticulous." The rumour is that Fergie had changed the sound of her solo album to follow Nelly's style. In "Fergilicious," there's a tenuous connection because Fergie raps, "But I ain't promiscuous."

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When Ryan asked Nelly about it, she was audibly dumbstruck. "Ummm, no," she said. "I think Tim[baland] and I just got a little cheeky and we were like, let's do a song about how great we are." The Fergie connection is pretty weak. Everyone knows Fergie's lyrics come from throwing a box of Alpha-Bits on the floor and jotting down all the words she can read.

But while we're working out conspiracy theories, maybe Nelly's gettin' all feisty with the photoshoppers who make her over for magazine covers, none more dramatically than the British edition of FHM. In 2002, Nelly said the mag had run a sexy photo of her on their cover without permission, digitally superimposing a very bare, very fake stomach. "You work hard to represent a certain thing and have a certain image, and somebody can take it all away with the cover of a magazine," she told the BBC at the time.

The lyrics in "Give It To Me" say, "I'm the type of girl that'll look you dead in the eye/ I'm real as they come if you don't know why I'm fly/Seen ya try to switch it up but girl you ain't got to/I'm the Wonder Woman let me go get my ropes." Who knows if she's working the personal hate-on for photoshop, but the sentiment is there.

Video:   "Give It To Me"   http://www.trooker.com/FlashPlay.aspx?Id=163

Source: Msn Entertainment

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