Nicki Minaj Defends Working With Pedophile Tekashi69: “GAGA DID IT TOO THOUGH!”

After Pitchfork dropped an article on Friday calling out Nicki Minaj for working with and continuing to give a platform to pedophile Tekashi69, Nicki has now seemingly defended her decision.

Nicki retweeted a fans tweet essentially calling out sexism, that Nicki is getting dragged for it because of sexism and men don’t answer for doing the same.

Nicki then added “they praised Gaga’s collaboration with R. Kelly”, referencing the ARTPOP second single Do What U Want. When that song was released, Gaga faced huge backlash and the music video was scrapped and the song ent on to flop.

Nicki still hasn’t addressed the fact that she funded her brother’s legal team in his case which he was convicted of Child rape.

She is now also claiming people are on a Nicki hate train and are being paid to tear her down

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