Funk Flex, Now Firmly Back on Team Minaj, Claims Cardi B Pays for Radio Plays

  • After Funk Flex bowed down to Nicki Minaj in their joint interview and got back on her good side, he is now taking shots at Cardi B claiming her label and her team pay for radio play.

  • In the now deleted Instagram post, Flex said: "I think Cardi is a great entertainer and has great songs, BUT LETS BE CLEAR, CARDI’S TEAM AND MANY OTHER ARTIST (in the beginning of career) PAY DJS TO PLAY RECORDS AND SAY THAT ‘THEY ARE HOT.'”

  • He claims to personally have never taking any payouts (surejan.gif) but has emails from labels and artists themselves offering monetary compensation for radio play.

  • This all stems after Cardi took to her Instagram live, after Nicki took shots at her, and said that you can't buy #1 singles and #1 albums. Cardi says she got where she is because the public likes her and roots for her story and success.

  • Payola has been a part of the radio industry since the 70's and nothing new here was said.


I'm tired.