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Queer Eye's Jonathan Van Ness Gives Us Some Political Advice

Have you been keeping up with all things Getting Curious?

Recent guests on the popular podcast include musician and composer Hrishikesh Hirway, Fab 5 member Bobby Berk (did you know he got emancipated from his parents when he was a teen??), and Tina Nguyen, a political writer for Vanity Fair who wrote a review of Trump Grill(e) that made her a target for alt-right hate. (Also this week's guest was Dr Adi Jeffe but I haven't listened to that one so yeah I can't talk about it yet!)

The podcast with Tina Nguyen seems to have really inspired JVN as he took to Twitter to dish out some political wisdom similar to the conversation they had on the podcast. Here's a video:

If you are more curious about what he has to say regarding political compromise, I suggest checking out the podcast if you haven't already. If you are pissed about it then gurl bai!

Bobby, on the other hand, talked about his life growing up in hella rural Missouri and basically being on his own from a young age - leaving home at age 15 and being homeless while working at Applebees. It was also a really interesting listen as not much was really known about Bobby the Builder's personal life before this interview!

So ONTD, what do you think? Should dems aim for the center as a way to sway conservatives? Did you listen to the episode with Bobby yet?

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