Crazy Rich Asians director talks about why he used a cover of Coldplay's 'Yellow' in the soundtrack

  • The films uses a lot of covers of popular English language songs including a Mandarin version of Coldplay's Yellow sung by Katharine Ho

  • Chu chose Yellow because the song is romantic and pretty but also to reclaim the term yellow which often has negative associations and which has been used in derogatory ways against asian people

  • Chu said that the execs at Warner Bros flipped out and weren't on board at first because they thought it would look bad but Chu said that while a white director couldn't get away with it he could

  • Coldplay intially also denied the use of the song but Chu wrote them a personal note about how the first time he heard Yellow was also the first time he heard the colour used in a positive and beautiful way and how much it would mean to him to have it in the film

  • Within an hour of him sending the note he was granted permission to use the song

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Aww, this was so sweet. I loved the soundtrack for this movie. ONTD have you seen the romcom of the summer?