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ONTD Original: A sneak peek into MCU's Phase 4!

So, we don't know shit about Phase 4, but we kinda know what's gonna happen and what won't...


- "Spiderman: Far From Home": We know a sequel to homecoming is filming right now in London and it has Mysterio as one of the big baddies. Also, Nick Fury and Maria Hill will also reprise their roles.
- "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3": It was in pre-production but it could be delayed since James Gunn was fired from the project, and Dave Bautista could be on his way out of the MCU as well.


- "Black Widow": We know they're writing a script and they're already looking for female directors.
- "Doctor Strange 2": It was a success and Batidora Cocainomana sells, so we're pretty sure he'll be back. Also, we've been told Doctor Strange plays a major role in future Marvel films, probably introducing the Illuminati into the MCU.
- "Black Panther 2": It was a massive hit. It's pretty much granted he'll be back and so will Ryan Coogler.
- "Deadpool & The X-Force": Disney deal is upon us and if there's one property they won't reboot is character-driven Deadpool. Also, Ryan Reynolds has said that he won't do a Deadpool 3, but a Deadpool & X-Force kind of thing. Deadpool 2 already gave us a first look before they all died. Expect Domino, Cable, Colossus, Dopinder and Negasonic TW to come back.
- "The Mighty Thor": Unlike RDJ and Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth is quite excited about how Ragnarok revitalized Thor as a character and with the impending abscence of the founding members of the MCU, Hemsworth could be looking at this like a chance to lead The Avengers during Phase 4.
- "The Fantastic Four": The whole reason the FOX merger happened was because Marvel has been quite vocal about them wanting to bring Silver Surfer and Galactus into the MCU. Since the 2015 reboot was shit, we can expect a whole new reboot.
- "The Uncanny Xmen": Since Inhumans flopped and the Xmen are such an integral part of the Marvel Universe, is not a matter of if, but when will they reboot the Xmen. Also, bye New Mutants and Dark Phoenix.


- "Warlock": Since we saw him in an after credit scene of GOTG vol. 2, we know Warlock's gonna appear in the MCU. Marvel has also said, they won't include him in a Guardians movie, but a solo one.
- "Nova": Since the introduction of the Nova Corps, people have been waiting for Nova to appear and Phase 4 might be when.
- "Spiderman Dimensions": Sony has been trying to build their extended Spidey universe, and while they're taking a chance with Venom, they could use another Spiderman movie to introduce all kind of spideys to spin-off later.
- "The Eternals": To keep their cosmic universe going, The Eternals will play a big role into the MCU expansion. And reports came not that long ago about an Eternals movie seeking for writers.
- "Blade": Kevin Feige has also teased that they could be doing something with Blade in the future. CAST JOHN BOYEGA PLS THNX.
- "Namor, The Submariner": Idk, Marvel's answer to Aquaman?
- "Moon Knight": It's all been rumours, Netflix mentioned having plans for more characters if the Defenders worked out, but it flopped...
- "She-Hulk": It's been rumoured but a long shot since Universal has the rights, they could still fit her in other MCU movies, same as Ruffalo's Hulk.
- "Avengers: Secret Invasion": We know the Skrulls are gonna play a big part in future movies, and that only means one thing... SECRET INVASION (in which half the MCU was actually replaced by Skrulls, so popular heroes we may have grown to love could actually be Skrulls.)


- "Ant-Man 3/ Wasp 2": While great characters, they haven't been that financially successful. Don't expect any more movies from them, but do expect to see them be part of other Marvel movies, just not leading solo ones.
- "Ms. Marvel": With the inclusion of Captain Marvel, seems like a long shot that we'll get a Ms. Marvel film, if anything she could be appearing in Captain Marvel 2.
- "Inhumans": LMAO. This shit is dead and noone is touching it. #JusticeForLockjaw

- "Captain America: Reborn": Much has been said about Bucky or Sam taking over as Cap, but Marvel has many characters to play now so they won't risk the backlash.
- "IronMan 4": RDJ is done. If anything, he'll do more cameos in movies, but that's about it.
- "Howard the Duck": Why?
- "Avengers v.s. Justice League": Since JL flopped there have been rumours about WB pulling a Sony and lending the rights for DC characters for a Marvel v.s. DC movie, since that crossover did happened in the comics. LBR tho, WB is not that desperate.

Source: Me, my friend who ows a bike and 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

ONTD, which movie do you want to see in the MCU besides Steve/Tony's sex tape?
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