Actress Sean Young Under Investigation for Burglary

UPDATE: Apparently, Young was fired as the director of a low-budget film after fighting with producers, and it was the production offices for the film that she broke into and stole the laptops and software. The man with her was allegedly her 20-year-old son, Quinn.

Actress Sean Young (Blade Runner, Dune) is wanted for questioning by NYC police after she and a male were caught on security video breaking into a commercial location in Queens and stealing $12,000 worth of Apple laptops and video production software.

It is the latest instance of legal trouble for Young. In 2012, she was arrested for slapping a security guard at an Oscar party when he tried to eject her, saying she wasn't invited (those charges were dropped). She was sued by actor James Woods in 1988 after he claimed that she had left a bloody, headless baby doll on his doorstep to harass his then-fiancee for having an abortion (she claimed that Woods had a crush on her and sued her out of spite for rejecting him; it was settled out of court).

Young was once a highly sought-after actress, but her career all but died after she campaigned for the role of Catwoman in Batman Returns by making a homemade cat suit and filming herself showing up at the offices of director Tim Burton; when he refused to see her, she went on The Joan Rivers Show in the costume and in a bizarre appearance, called him out: "How dare you not make time to see the Catwoman, Timmy? How dare you treat the Catwoman so badly? Consider this a formal notice that the Catwoman has tried to get through to you and you wouldn't listen."

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