Tomberlin - "Any Other Way"

Do you like sad girl songs? Then Sarah Beth Tomberlin, AKA Tomberlin, might be the new sad girl for you! Her debut album At Weddings comes out tomorrow from Saddle Creek records, and this is the video for one of the songs, "Any Other Way".

There are a few more songs from the album already up on Spotify and YouTube for you to check out, if you so desire.

The video for "Seventeen" is a little bit older, but I thought I'd include it if you dug the first one.

  • Tomberlin had a Baptist-minister father, was home-schooled and wasn't allowed to listen to secular music - she had to hide her Bright Eyes album.

  • Today, she lives in Louisville and works at a coffee house.

  • The album is mostly her voice, a guitar and a Wurlitzer. Owen Pallett (Final Fantasy) sings backup and plays a couple instruments on one song.

  • Songs are personal, about relationships and connection and the difficulties of those things.

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