Constance Wu talks about her beauty routine to the New York Times

  • Coveted La Mer face cream since middle school when she read that J.Lo used it and has finally been able to afford it as an adult

  • Uses Naruko face masks which she discovered during the filming of Crazy Rich Asians

  • Doesn't use fragrance: "I don’t wear fragrance. Fragrance shopping is so overwhelming. I don’t even know how to begin."

  • She dyed her hair four times in the past year (pink, black, blonde, light brown). Her hair was okay until the 4th time she dyed her hair when it got fried.

  • She changed her diet when she turned 30 because she developped alergies to different foods like pineapple

  • Doesn't believe in fitness but enjoys running and has run a couple of marathons


Beauty post! What do you do to stay stunning ONTD?