Ethan Hawke admits his life 'fell apart' after divorcing Uma Thurman & 'Middle-class' life is enough

-The 47-year-old told GQ (Promo for First Reformed) that he is now forced to do commercial films to pay her alimony after their divorce was finalized in 2005. They have two kids, 16 and 20 and one of them is an actress Maya Hawke (Little Women PBS/Stranger Things S3).

-Their divorce came after his career peak with him receiving an Oscar nomination for Training Day. Says that Oscar nomination could've been the beginning of his career as a leading man or more commercially viable parts, but his personal life was falling apart.

-'But I'm 47 years old. I pay my alimony with my acting. I pay my kids' health insurance with my acting. I pay everybody's tuition with my acting. I'm helping various charities with my acting.

-'And ultimately a middle-class lifestyle was always enough for me,' he said. 'Like, I needed to pay my doctors' bills and I needed to get my kids to school—but I don't need three pairs of shoes. One pair of shoes is fine. And I don't need more bedrooms. I don't need bedrooms for fantasy houseguests, you know, that don't arrive.'

The couple in happier times.

(Also shoutout to Gattaca/Underrated Film)

-Hawke insisted in the interview he never wanted — and still doesn't want — to make films just to make money; however he admitted he is now forced to do commercial films to pay alimony.

-The films where he was the happiest are the smaller/the ones that don't pay that much (The Before trilogy, Boyhood, First Reformed, Dead Poets Society).

-'I'd had kind of a frustrating experience, because despite doing some work like Gattaca, Reality Bites, Before Sunrise—I'd done this kind of indie punk-rock version of Hamlet—so I was doing work that I liked, but nothing I was doing was making any kind of mark in a commercial environment.' (Gattaca is where he first met Uma Thurman)

-Said when he did Dead Poets Society, people thought he was the prep school kid which lead to offers like that. Then it was Jesse from Before Sunrise, and Troy from Reality Bites people thought of when they met him.

-Went on a date once and the young woman kept calling him Troy. Says that Scorsese, Pacino, Hackman, Hoffman, Nicholson, De Niro are no longer making the films they made in the hey day because the 'middle class' lifestyle isn't enough.

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