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"Ponytail" - LIZ [Leak]

"Ponytail" prod. by PC music affiliate Danny L Harle and written by LIZ made its way on the internet. Supposedly the song was supposed to feature Aussie rapper Tkay Maidza.

The song's instrumental was later used for an official release for a less cute and less catchy flop song called B.O.M.D. by some flop bedroom singer named Clairo.

People were OUTRAGED by the fact the instrumental was used to an inferior song, but it was out of LIZ's control. Sometimes talent takes an L. We don't know whether or not if LIZ will still release Ponytail in some form.

And this is not LIZ's first time where an artist officially released a song she worked on/recorded, with a song called "Promise" being recorded by kpop/cpop singer Luhan.

You can whip it side to side
You can pull it real, real tight
You can take it down tonight
'Cause I know it's what you like

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