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Duh of The Day: Diversity is Mostly All Talk in Movies (Study)

1.1k Highest grossing movies from 2007 to 2017;

  • Female characters who talked - 30.6% of the 48,757 characters in the films surveyed

  • 29.3% of these characters were from underrepresented racial/ethnic groups,

  • 2.5% had disabilities

  • < 1% of were members of the LGBT community.

Last year:

  • 43 films lacked any black or African American ladies.

  • 65 were missing Asian or Asian-American ladies.

  • 64 did not depict even one Latina character.

  • Seventy eight films didn’t offer up a female character with a disability.

  • 94 were devoid of a LGBQ female character.

Across 400 films from 2014 to 2017, there was only one trans character. (What film was that? Danish Girl? Dallas Buyers Club? The movie with Matt Bomer and the conversation?)

Also diversity behind the camera is shit too.

The article also mentions The Spy Who Dumped Me opening (apparently) this week and Crazy Rich Asians opening August 15th tickets are almost avaliable now!! in the US that you can go support.


Tags: feminism / social issues, race / racism
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