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Crazy Rich Asians star, Constance Wu, covers BUST magazine

- Diversity vs representation: “In the past 20 years on TV, Asians played roles that could be played by anyone. Some people think that’s good that you're not playing a stereotype. I think that’s just diversity as checking a box. I’m more interested in representation, which is highlighting what makes an Asian American different than a white American or a black American.”
- Feminism: “I’m a woman. I face backlash for even walking down the street and taking up space in this world. When a woman is anything other than an object, when she has a voice or think she is worthy of success or attention, people don’t like that. I think people have a stereotype of feminism that’s not actually the philosophy behind it. I think anyone who thinks women are human beings is basically a feminist.”
- Has a bunny called Lida Rose
- Crazy Rich Asians will be released on August 15

Source: Twitter
Tags: asian celebrities, constance wu, feminism / social issues, interview, magazine covers and articles, photo shoot
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