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ONTD Original: Artists Meta-Tweeting Their Songs

Yes I'm here with another meta post. Celebs given the platform of Twitter can be a mistake but also glorious when they can make it entertaining. And there are moments when they can't help but to incorporate their own work when they feel the need to say something. Here's 8 examples of spontaneous self promo, using the hits -

1. Jesse McCartney doing this M.I.A. mashup

2. Richard Marx's reaction to 45's retractions

3. TLC reasserting their disapproval of guys that talk about what they want and just sit on their broke ass

4. The Backstreet Boys showing their fan appreciation

5. Owl City reflecting on the moment

6. Soulja Boy giving us a Russian-esque proverb

7. Phil Collins' advice to make entering the new year more festive

8. And James Blunt acknowledging those who still acknowledge him

This was a short list due to my #limited knowledge but any other similar celeb moments I've missed out on?

sources: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Tags: backstreet boys, british celebrities, celebrity social media, jesse mccartney, list, m.i.a., music / musician, ontd original
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