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18 (5) Up and Coming Female Filmmakers in Canada

CBC will be devoting the second season of The Filmmakers, which begins this Saturday at 8:30 PM, to female-only filmmakers. To celebrate, CBC Arts published a list of 18 to support; 5 of those filmmakers are listed below. See the source for the full list!

  1. Jordan Canning

    Canning will be directing nearly half of the upcoming season of Schitt's Creek, and is working on her new feature, Oddly Flowers. Last year she premiered Suck it Up! at Slamdance.

  2. Naledi Jackson

    Jackson's The Drop-In premiered at TIFF last year and is "a horror-tinged view of immigration issues set in a hair salon." She's currently a writer for the new season of Anne with an E.

  3. Sook-Yin Lee

    Lee just released Octavio is Dead!, a supernatural drama "which deals in grief and gender queerness."

  4. Caroline Monnet

    Monnet is a co-founding member of Indigenous digital arts collective ITWÉ and her short films "explore her dual backgrounds between France and the Algonquin territory of Quebec." I found this short film of hers, Rituals: Ceremonial on YouTube; according to its synopsis, it explores ritual practices among indigenous First Nation tribes in North America.

  5. Amanda Strong

    "Strong uses stop-motion animation to create hybrid documentary accounts of Indigenous stories."

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