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The Flash Roundup: SDCC 2018 Edition!

Welcome to the ⚡️ONTD FlashFam Annual SDCC Roundup⚡️, which shaves a year off the OP's predicted overall lifespan on a yearly basis.

The Big News items of The Flash Season 5 that came out of Comic Con were that Iris is returning to journalism, Danielle Panabaker will be the first Arrorverse actress to direct an episode, Tom Cavanagh is directing another episode or two but particularly the 100th episode (episode 8), and that Chris Klein will be playing the season's Big Bad 'Cicada'.
What is news to nobody is that Jessica Parker Kennedy is a GIFT and a flawless new season regular, so expect to see a lot of her in this Roundup.

With Season 5's theme being 'LEGACY' and Family, the Flash Cast were heavily promoting The Family West-Allen, which will be reflected in the following content for your viewing pleasure.

Included below: The Panel in Ballroom 20, the Season 5 Promo, news items, Press Room interviews, media interviews, summaries of all the aforementioned, photoshoots, the cast signing, and our faves all out and about together enjoying the San Diego sunshine and looking like fire.

IMAGE HEAVY POST: if that may cause your device issues, don't be like Barry Allen - proceed with caution!

{Direct from Ballroom 20... the FlashFam, Year 5!}
News Items of Note
-Big Bad is Cicada, played by Chris Klein, but unlike the comics won’t be a cult leader so much

-Danielle will be making her directorial debut in Season 5, the first Arrowverse actress to do so (Tom tells Danielle DON’T MESS IT UP)

-THE FLASH COSTUME RING, FINALLY. Including costume upgrades!
-For some reason the SDCC attendees like Ralph. Mystery. Hartley is lovely though.
-Todd says – LOT OF DEATHS THIS SEASON. Also an LGBTQ character introduced this season. Theme of season 5 is Legacy. Younger version of The Rogues coming up. Going to try to get a King Shark and Grodd episode, if there is the money for it.

WestAllen Fam News
-Nora is clingy with Barry and we don’t know why, attached at the hip Grant says. But more distanced from Iris.
-Candice says it’s difficult for Iris to see Nora distanced from Iris, and it worries her in relation to her own relationship with Francine and if something has happened to make them distant.
-Nora is called XS, who in the comics was actually the Westallen granddaughter. The intention putting Iris in the jacket in ‘Run, Iris, Run’ was always to have Nora then wear it.

-WE WILL BE SEEING MORE OF IRIS’S JOURNALISM. Candice has been wanting it for a long time – she says we live in such precarious times where we don’t really know what the truth is, and that journalists are the real superheroes who can report the truth with integrity.
-Candice says it’s so important that the fans know that even without superpowers you can do incredible things and help your community.

-Barry is back to being a CSI at CCPD.
-Todd Helbing was asked if we could have an ARROW-FREE WESTALLEN VOW RENEWAL... he said we can make that happen (!!!)

Other Team Flash News
-TomCav says we’re kicking off the season with a new Wells, an intelligent Wells but not someone to be trusted, called “Sherloque Wells”.
-Cecile will be going back to work as DA and figuring out being a working mum.
-Grant feels 5x01 is the best first episode since the pilot
-This year Cisco’s powers will be challenged in a perilous situation.
-Hartley says that they’re going to explore the Detective side of Ralph from the comics which he’s wanted to for a long time. (Not featured in the Panel but from the Press Room – HARTLEY IS SUPER SUPER NICE AND GENUINE AND LOVES THE FANS, so now I feel bad about hating Ralph so much)

{Interviews: Press Room, Summaries, TomCarlos Goofing Around, Loose Lips Sink Ships}

Jessica Parker Kennedy - Nora West-Allen - XS

-felt excited and intimidated coming onto the Flash as it’s THE FLASH, and she felt like it was a big deal
-isn’t a huge superhero fan, likes the movies but hasn’t seem them all, but when she put her suit on she did geek out! Aww!
-The writing for Nora was very excitable and dorky, and Jess hopes that comes across charming instead of irritating
-The thing she nerds out about is BUFFY. She’s watched it three times, and she gets massively starstruck when she meets BTVS cast

Candice Patton - Iris West-Allen

-Candice knows why Nora is mad at Iris, but obviously won’t tell!
-Says it’s clear she has some kind of issue with her mother but not father, she is a daddy’s girl and reticent to spend any prolonged amount of time with Iris - it’ll be hard for Iris to see Nora want to spend so much time with her dad as Iris didn’t have a mother figure growing up – it’ll speak to a fear in herself that she won’t be the best mother too like Francine
-Iris is innately a bit perplexed and jealous she isn’t close with her daughter, but still happy Nora is there and is validated that Westallen is alive and well in the future
-This year the team is more off in groups and working on different things, which Candice likes as more stimulating not to all be stood around in STAR Labs together
-Re: Journalism – Candice has been pushing for Reporter Iris for years, as fans have been
-Journalism is a form of being a superhero in these precarious times, and Candice thinks it’d be interesting to explore that through Iris

Tom Cavanagh - Eobard Thawne/Reverse Flash/Harry Wells/HR Wells/Council of Wells/Sherloque Wells
Grant Gustin - Barry Allen - The Flash

-New Wells: one of the things Tom tries to do is find out what gaps do they have and what can he fill – big antagonist in season 1, daily antagonist in season 2 that got helpful, amp up the comedy in season 3, but this year Tom feels there is room for a comedic element but also the intelligence Harry had.
-decided to take the 'Sherlock' myth/trope type of character and turn it on it's ear a bit - super intelligent but not so trustworthy, and French (Sherloque).
-loves character reinvention and hasn’t seen that in shows really or done that, so likes he gets to tick that box off
-directing the 100th episode, looking forward

-Grant says they’re initially sceptical but can feel on instinct that’s their daughter – Iris more excited about it, Barry more concerned as he feels he’d have taught her NOT to time travel so what’s going on
-Grant thinks Barry will feel more like a mentor than dad, but to Nora that’s her dad
-Barry worried that Nora being here now will steal his future life and her future life from him – and Barry has already had his family stolen from him because of time travel as a child.

Tom Cavanagh - Eobard Thawne/Reverse Flash/Harry Wells/HR Wells/Council of Wells/Sherloque Wells
Carlos Valdes - Cisco Ramon - Vibe

There's no real way to summarise these clips... just watch them. Really.


ALL CAST & EP Todd Helbing - Long AF.

-when 5x01 begins, it’s been about 12 hours since DeVoe’s satellite was destroyed, the season 4 finale has JUST happened so everyone is still dealing with those repercussions.
-they’re trying to focus on Nora, but the big bad turns up soon, and still metas of the week

-normally the crossover is episode 8, but this year 8 is the 100th (directed by TomCav), and crossover is 9
-asked about if Caitlin will get a new romance, and Danielle reiterates for the thousandth time how she enjoyed Caitlin not having one and focusing on herself and imagines it’ll stay that way, says she’s "been told that before but it’s changed, so you know..” shadily lmao
-loves Katee Sackhoff and wants her back

-Free the Nipple!
-Thinks this season we’ll get to Sue! He wanted to from the beginning.

Dani Nicolet
-thinks Joe should be putting a ring on it!
-will be figuring out this season why Cecile’s gestational telepathy was going on

-Cisco’s powers will be challenged in a way they never have before in a perilous situation – it’ll force Cisco to weigh some serious questions about his role
-loves working with TomCav and figuring out with him how to use the script as a jumping off point, and to make it as funny and human as it can be

-not having a bond that she wants with Nora will be hard for Iris, and seeing how Nora does with Barry
-her relationship with Nora will speak to her fear that she’ll follow in the same footsteps as Francine
-is sad about Keiynan no longer being a regular – LOVES Keiynan and misses him a lot, but glad he’ll be back now and again
-is so creeped out looking at Jessica and how scarily she looks like Candice and Grant’s own child, and crew members have mentioned Candice and Jessica sound similar too
-wants to see Iris being nosy in a journalistic way and investigating the Big Bad etc
-wants to show the power of journalism and reporting on the show in the times we live in

-New Wells will be a few steps ahead, and undeniably incredibly intelligent, but not particularly trustworthy
-doing more than one character but Sherloque Wells to start

{INTERVIEWS: TV Line, EW, ET, WB, TV Insider, Variety, IMDB}

TV Line
-Nora was avoiding Iris and we’ll find out why
-Iris is more maternal, but Nora is a daddy’s girl and we find out later in the season why
-TomCav typically jokes around, no surprises there
-We’ll find out how Killer Caitlin got her powers as it wasn’t the accelerator explosion
-Iris will be working on her journalism!
-Cisco and Ralph will be teaming up
-Everyone wants Marlize back! <3

Entertainment Tonight
-TomCav spilt coffee on his shirt and had to go change so wasn’t there
-Nora reminds Grant of the Season 1 tone a bit
-Candice finds it creepy af that Jessica looks like what her and Grant’s child would look like
-JPK is very honoured to be on the show as it has such a big fandom, Dani Nicolet agrees!
-Grant and Carlos say how it’s like they never left, and lots of energy on set but very relaxed
-Cisco is struggling at the start of S5 to get over the breakup – Ralph takes Cisco under his wing a bit
-Candice brings up what if they try to date Nora, and Grant is all “NO NO YOU’RE NOT ALLOWED.”
-Candice says what is great this season that they know so far is that no speedbumps in Westallen, that having Nora there makes Westallen more connected and they are strong
-Candice reports REPORTER IRIS IS BACK and she knows the fans are excited to see it!
-Dani Nicolet is just REALLY EXCITED to be part of the show!
-Everyone thinks the new big bad (Cicada) is going to be very scary.

WB Standouts
Best shoulder to cry on? Best smile? Most likely to win a Nobel Prize? Best voice?
Can TomCav and Carlos EVER stop singing and goofing around? Probably not.
Watch this short clip to find out the answers to all your biggest questions.

TV Insider

Variety Studios


Supervillain/Superhero Crushes
-Grant: Reverse Flash
-Danielle Nicolet: Spiderman
-Danielle Panabaker: Reverse Flash
-Candice: Batman as money, cars and dope outfits!
-TomCav: Flash or Reverse Flash
-Jessica: Thor
-Hartley: Silent Bob
-Carlos: Cicada, this year’s supervillain!

{SIGNING: Cast At Their Autograph Session}

{PHOTOSHOOTS: Singles, Westallen, and Cast Shots from Across the SDCC 2018 Weekend}

{FlashFam Cast Out & About at SDCC!}

{The End: BYE From Candice and Zoe!}

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Have you had a good summer so far, ONTD FlashFam?
Are you ready for a new start for the FlashFam and for Jessica Parker Kennedy to speed into your life?

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