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Riverdale Post SDCC Roundup: Varchie Breakup, New Casting, Chic's Return, and More


A few group photos with WBTV's own setup, EW's portrait taker after the EW party, and at the WB signing booth.




During interviews at SDCC, Camila Mendes and KJ Apa revealed that Veronica will be potentially hooking up with someone else that's not Archie (thank the maple Lord).

"Some Varchie conflict, there's Varchie conflict, that will make them go crazy," she teased. "And a possible..."

"You hook up with someone else," Apa said.

"Are you allowed to say that?" Mendes asked.

"Yeah, but we're not saying who," Apa said.

"OK, a possible new love interest," Mendes said.

She talked about it some more with US Weekly.

“There’s a struggle. They are going to struggle in their relationship...and there might be someone else [...] I feel like in season 2, she was a trying to decide if her dad was a bad person. And I feel like in season 3, she’s decided he’s a bad person. Took her long enough. I think there’s gonna be so much more of a clear battle between Hiram and Veronica because now, she owns Pop’s. She’s cut off financially and has to support herself, and her father’s constantly trying to get in her way of that.”


Penelope Ann Miller has been filming with the Riverdale cast, and her role has finally been revealed to be that of District Attorney Ms. Wright.

She's going to be his new "savvy" and "eloquent" nemesis as she seeks a guilty conviction for the murder of Cassidy, a townie from the Love Simon Episode when the core four went to Veronica's cabin in the woods. Archie's being framed by Hiram for a crime that was actually done by his chauffeur/martial arts expert Andre who himself was killed last season by Papa Poutine's vengeful son, Small Fry. She's going to try and make Archie look like a violent sociopath (I wonder if they'll bring up that car he blew up)

Guess who didn't get killed off by the Black Hood last season?

So all of Betty's crying about throwing her fake brother at her dad to be murdered were for nothing!

While talking about his clothing collaboration with Nyden, an H&M line, Hart talked a little bit about season three.

On having to plan on going back to film: "I’ve spoken with some of the people at Riverdale, and they are trying to land on a date when I go back. Most people just got back and started shooting episode one [of season three] last week. I’m very excited. I love the people, I love the cast, I love Vancouver. I miss it."

On getting scripts for the new season: "I’ve gotten some. I’ve got a bit of information about things. The show goes so quickly that they fly by with stuff; things can change and shift. I had several different storylines last season that ended up changing and going different directions and it made my character way more interesting. It’s ever changing, but from the stuff that I’ve heard so far, I’m very excited."


Talk about the ever elusive Gladys Jones (and Jellybean whose birth name in the comics is Forsythia) popped up. It seems she won't show up until episode 8 or 9 (aka the end of the first half of the season) and will be a monkey wrench in both the Serpent and (hopefully) Bughead.

Kale on his tv mom: "And then his mother and his sister come back, and she’s trouble, the mom. Big time. She’s definitely going to throw a wrench in the Serpents [...] It’s shaping up to be pretty even this season, but I’m sure the reintroduction of his mother and his younger sister and dealing with that is going to upset something [in regards to Bughead]”

Kale doesn't have a fancast: “Not really. I don’t really like to throw names into the pot simply because it’s 1) not helpful, and 2) the person who gets the part is usually the most qualified person regardless of past working history or so on and so forth. Shoutout to David Rapaport [Riverdale’s casting director] who has done a tremendous job casting this show. I do know that, you know, our show [and] the cast operates heavily on nostalgia, so you can almost guarantee the person is going to have a kind of ’90s vibe to them.”

Neve Campbell for Gladys?
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