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ONTD Original: Classic GIFS From Rock of Love, Charm School, And I Love New York

 photo new image ontd_zps8xyavk5y.png

Happy Hump Day. What better way to celebrate than with some flaw-free iconique gifs from VH1's trashy, classic reality shows?

Previously in this series is: ONTD Original: Iconic Gifs From VH1's Show "Flavor of Love"

Today, we will follow up with ~iconique gifs from "Rock of Love", "Charm School", and "I Love New York." These shows just couldn't compare to the queen of gifs, Tiffany Pollard, who appeared on Flavor of Love, so I am combining them into one post.

BEWARE, this post has more gifs than there were sexy chicks in Bret Michaels's mansion, so be sure your browser is prepared for the trashiness.

 photo hot standing here breathing_zpshq6ythle.gif

Rock of Love gave us some very cheesy, classic gifs.

 photo mouth_zpsrdl1ucag.gif

 photo kjhgfdtuyio_zpsetlniaya.gif

This one is perfect for ONTD.
 photo anigif_enhanced-buzz-12734-1413210869-4_zpsh2n2cxtz.gif

 photo brandi_zpsdmfpbuel.gif

 photo ice cream_zpscpopngx1.gif

 photo angelique_zpsx7hcklj9.gif

 photo ashley hot gif_zps1r0x28hs.gif

 photo ashley boobs_zps1nhgr4di.gif

 photo farrah boobs_zpsupqdlllu.gif

 photo ashley tongue_zpshjgnkopl.gif

Charm School

Of course, the students of Charm School had plenty to offer.

 photo clownery_zpsm5r8lrpg.gif

 photo titty apple_zpsqdnw1ooq.gif

 photo unnamed_zpsplpm5ld3.gif

 photo tumblr_mysknrh7bW1qjs7cno2_250_zpsdvbbnge0.gif

 photo tumblr_mysknrh7bW1qjs7cno3_250_zpsj99dwlgd.gif

 photo tumblr_mysknrh7bW1qjs7cno4_250_zpsrfr1h9vb.gif

 photo slutacious gif_zpsucse7vfk.gif

 photo tenor_zpse62ghkwh.gif

 photo megan work_zpsvxcmcdul.gif

 photo jkhgfd_zpspop3nzsb.gif

 photo im a bitch_zpsjzumlrfw.gif

 photo get over it_zpsbzm7zwhd.gif

 photo drama_zpshm6xuwte.gif

 photo annoyed sucks to be them_zpsawtsjfty.gif

I Love New York

And Queen Tiffany Pollard couldn't be contained to one series.

 photo boring_zpsaerowclw.gif

 photo i was bored_zpswq4upvlj.gif

 photo 9IYO_zpssb030q8j.gif

 photo eat_zpse7tqszzj.gif

 photo DSF-Say-It-With-a-Tiffany-Pollard-GIF_zpsvgtkb8bg.gif

 photo ontd mangeant_zps7qspla7f.gif

 photo pack of hair_zpsq0bz88uf.gif

 photo i know his dick is big_zpsxxzluahh.gif

 photo hunk of chocolate_zpszshjhemn.gif

 photo ny bye_zpssymyxyti.gif

Me diving into this garbage post like

 photo dumpster_zpsxvz5rpsg.gif

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