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RHOA News: Kenya Moore Not Returning, Bravo Shows Their Ass Yet Again

  • The new is finally officially: Kenya Moore will not be returning to Real Housewives of Atlanta for its upcoming 11th season.

  • Kenya revealed the news on twitter and also revealed that Bravo is essentially punishing her for getting married between seasons and not letting them film it for the show.

  • Kenya revealed that production and Bravo offered her a full time contract but wanted her to take a 90% paycut and make the same as what friends of on the show make.

  • Production told her she would have to re-earn her salary and prove she is worth it.

  • Kenya has proven time and time again that she is a huge draw for the show. When Nene left, the ratings maintained because Kenya brought the drama to the show.

  • It has also been proven by the most recent seasons ratings that when Kenya wasn't on an episode, ratings slipped 30% in viewership.

  • Kenya is upset because she felt the viewers deserved to see journey come full circle as she is pregnant and married, something she had strived for on the last 5 seasons of the show.

  • Kenya said not to worry, if Bravo doesn't give her a better offer by the deadline, she has 3 other networks intorduced in her own show documenting her pregnacy.

  • The new season of Real Housewives of Atlanta started filming 3 weeks ago with Nene, Kandi, Cynthia, Porsha and Eva Marcille as main cast members. Marlo Hampton is back in a role and they are trying out 3 new women but reports state everything is very dry and dull.

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Bravo: Where white women can perpetuate fake cancer scams, try to date rape cast members and prop up felons, but punish black women for getting married between season tapings.
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