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ONTD Original: Iconic Gifs From VH1's Show "Flavor of Love"

 photo flavor_zpsvpydvh6o.jpg

Aside from bringing us four precious years of joy, VH1's classic reality shows gave us some amazing gifs. Flavor of Love, Rock of Love, I Love New York, Charm School, and more will go down in history as some of the best gif-generating TV of all time.

Here, gathered in one place for your right-click-saving convenience, is some of the most ~iconique gifs from these series.

 photo brigitte_zpswulydgz9.gif

Flavor of Love

Queen Tiffany Pollard, aka New York, emerged from Flavor of Love 1 & 2. She is the reigning queen of gifs and will go down in television infamy and live forever on the internet.

 photo give a fuck_zpscrhm2nxu.gif

 photo ny shes a cute girl_zpsrdgwlwer.gif

 photo cute next to gorgeous_zpsnkrv58b3.gif

 photo gorgeous devour cute_zpschaectue.gif

 photo walk into the room like_zpsi2ragvw5.gif

 photo speak on it_zpsuwtmcgzp.gif

 photo fraudulent_zpsttns3gwm.gif

 photo tiff_zpskxhrbwbm.gif

 photo sat there_zpsplxmgtb5.gif

 photo powerful gif_zpsraymekm1.gif

 photo my mind_zpshaorqca1.gif

 photo ny knife_zpstwqo2dyg.gif

 photo ny yup_zpsa3agq2pe.gif

 photo ny crazy_zpsu4n2jbd3.gif

 photo nypumkin spit_zpsy9ik31fe.gif

 photo ny pumkin fight 3_zpsupfvfxyk.gif

 photo ny push_zpslfsqm2w7.gif

 photo ny whew_zpsgvd6zbyz.gif

 photo ny bed_zpsgcqzuvvy.gif

 photo ny clap_zpsidmldrzt.gif

 photo i wish you an ounce of luck_zpsb8bduq0o.gif

And, of course, Hottie gave us some crazy/classic/iconic gifs.

 photo ontd schatar_zpsrbhnswbt.gif

 photo hottie clothes_zpsppjgntd1.gif

 photo hottie chicken_zpsllfmspg4.gif

 photo new york beyonce_zpsacamtwqc.gif

 photo laughing beyonce_zpsqwms3431.gif

 photo hottie gif_zps55ytskyu.gif

 photo biscuit_zpsfk8vlfzi.gif

 photo chicken_zpsg3zvpxs9.gif

 photo bootz_zpswsy9u148.gif

Mods, I added a warning and reduced the gifs!

A follow-up post with iconic gifs from Rock of Love, Charm School, and I Love New York is coming next

Source: Moi
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