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Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow at SDCC '18

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reposting trailer icymi

-felicity is tired of just watching her back, she'll take some action
-dinah will be working on the "right" side of the law
-last year stephen amell gave a young girl battling cancer his necklace with the promise that she'd come back to comic-con this year and give it back. she did. she returned the necklace and he gave her one of oliver's bows from the show.
-there aren't plans to bring thea back right now
-"william's arc at the beginning of the season is the most interesting arc of any character on the show" - stephen
-guggenrat is still consulting

-something special for episode 150

-all very excited for batwoman
-"our show exists to make other shows" - stephen amell
-"we are the mothershow" - emily bett rickards

-no honeymoon no baby anytime soon
-emily doesn't want to wear a baby belly and fanedits of felicity pregnant weird her out (same tbh)

-felicity and william are in witness protection
-happy to have colton back
-"there's still only 3 women on the show" - ebr
-asked about getting blowback after she spoke up during the fallout of the revelation on Andrew K, "i absolutely got blowback" (emily called then showrunner marc guggenheim complicit in a twitter post)
-feels that #MeToo hasn't had the effect it should have yet and that it can and will keep going

-felicity could step into a leadership role on the team with oliver gone (emily wants her to call iris for tips)
-emily: there should be more small crossovers outside of the big yearly one
-felicity's steps up not only as a mother to william but as a friend because he's suffered so many losses
-curtis wants to keep helping star city but perhaps will come about it in a different way

-dinah is re-evaluating how she helps the city because she needs to protect her identity
-everyone is being more cautious
-jaw was on the floor on the first paragraph on 701
-quentin's death gave dinah a little more empathy towards black siren

-wants dinah to find her definition of heroism
-shift in the relationship between dinah and black siren (but still at odds)

-oliver is trying to keep his head down in prison (surrounded by criminals he sent there)
-hasn't had any contact with felicity or william
-nothing heroic about him in the premiere
-oliver gets a lead on diaz in prison

-there's a character in the crossover no one knows about yet (not batwoman)

-callbacks to season 1 this year
-oliver's identity reveal changes the show and challenges the lives of his family/friends
-felicity deals with the challenges of her husband outing himself as the green arrow
-the team has to find a way to still be heroes and help the city without being vigilantes
-roy coming back in a different way than is expected

-"i'm not coming back as the same roy harper"

-diggle is the only one to visit oliver in prison and update him on what's happening
-argus becomes the de facto resource they use to try and track diaz
-more lyla this season
-who argus answers to is explored

-rene is struggling with oliver being in prison
-how rene is interpreting oliver's "keep fighting"

-dealing with the world knowing oliver is the green arrow
-really interested in oliver stories that can be told inside the prison
-consequences for the rest of the team due to oliver's reveal

this cast is ridiculous
-the last scene of the season premiere is "jaw-dropping"

Longbow Hunters:
Red Dart: played by Holly Elissa (supernatural / fringe) "a ruthless and precise killer"

Silencer: played by Miranda Edwards (the magicians) "a master of stealth"

Kodiak: played by Michael Jonsson (van helsing) “a beast of a man with brute force”

Returning for Oliver's prison storyline:
Bronze Tiger/Ben Turner (Michael Jai white) who Oliver put away in season 2
Derek Sampson (Cody Rhodes) put away in season 5
Danny "Brick" Brickwell (Vinnie Jones) put away in season 3

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reposting icymi

-only 3 original cast members from season 1 are left: brandon, caity, and dominic
-nate will be living a little more in his present time
-adam tsekhman shows up halfway through the panel in a beebo costume
-maisie's new character "charlie" will be british
-episode 1 takes place at woodstock in the 60s
-might cross paths with the beatles
-no plans right now for firestorm to return or to see leonard snart again
-asked how zambesi's survival should affect the rest of the arrowverse and they don't know how to answer that LOL
-brandon routh and jason momoa went to high school together and played on the soccer team
-sara grieving over her dad's death happens off-screen, it gets talked about a little bit

-constantine comes with his own baggage and motives
-constantine is the devil on sara's shoulder

-s4 explores creatures from a broad spectrum of mythologies/fairytales and cultures come to life
-want to humanize their villains/monsters of the week
-sara will struggle with wanting a normal life and her duties as captain
-maisie's new character is named "charlie" and she'll be one of the mystical fugitives constantine told the legends they set loose at the end of last season
-charlie is neither good or bad, just out for herself
-nate gets pulled back into present time (2018) with family issues, leaving a door open for constantine to come in
-nora is in "frenemy" territory
-legends of not a part of the crossover. at all.
-cast is glad not to be a part of it lol, caity lotz says "they don't fit"
-want batwoman to crossover to legends alone

-s4 leans into the crazy/whacky fans have come to expect from the show
-nate's origins explored before he was a legend
-matt describes the first episode as "horny"

-sara really wants to build a life outside the team
-ray is conflicted about his helping nora / questioning his decision
-ray was envisioned one way but brandon took him in a different direction (kinder)
-ray's excited about understanding magic
-caity wants some all female missions

-dom calls the dynamic between mick and constantine hysterical
-mick has everyone's back now, considers them his family
-parts of mick coming out that we haven't seen yet "hidden depths" in his characters
-not interested in seeing other versions of mick
-mick's novel returns in s4
-mick and mystical fugitive "charlie" are going to be tight

-tala works with the writers / showrunners to make sure zari is represented in a nuanced way
-will grapple with losing her family in 2042
-wants to prevent her future / save her family

-nora needs to find out who she is without her father and mallus
-conflict between constantine and the others

-team will have a hard time separating charlie from amaya and she'll use that to her advantage
-they need her to get the other fugitives but can they trust her?
-someone from the jsa coming back
-knew amaya was going to be "going home" a few episodes before the finale but told maisie she wasn't going anywhere

-time bureau and the legends team up more
-joining forces to catch the mystical fugitives

-enormous season premiere, at one point there were 150 extras
-episode 1 is called "the virgin gary"
-will not be participating in the crossover this year
-less of a big bad more exploring the evil of people
-fracturing the team a little bit
"tv's good in an ensemble when there's debate" - phil klemmer
-taking nate to some serious places this season

-new character charlie has more in common with mick than anyone else this season
-still hasn't been offered booster gold
-on their show people can come and go (keiynan lonsdale, etc. - matt ryan really wanted to be on the show)
-nate's family life, esp relationship with his father (unexpected)
-came to decision to not be in crossover because their own show is so difficult to produce, they reached a breaking point. "tonal speed bump" for them and can't step away from the story they have planned this season

-we're going to see new parts of zari and have her depend on her new found family
-will see parallels with the fugitives they're capturing across time and the meta-humans zari saw being persecuted in her time (2042)
-tala really wants to work with emily/felicity

-tensions between legends and constantine on what to do with fugitives (he just wants to put them in hell)
-character shake-ups every season help the show
-keto was the one who pushed for constantine on arrow and then on legends (when she switched shows)

Season 4 Official Synopsis
After defeating the demon Mallus by cuddling him to death with a giant stuffed animal named Beebo, the Legends are ready to ease off the gas. Sara (Caity Lotz) and her team join Ava Sharpe (Jes Macallan) and the Time Bureau to help clean up the last few remaining anachronisms. The job seems straightforward enough until Constantine (Matt Ryan) arrives to inform them that, in solving one major problem, they have created another, much larger one. When the Legends let time crumble in order to release and defeat Mallus, the barrier between worlds softened. History is now infected with “Fugitives” – magical creatures from myths, fairytales, and legends. Having been expelled throughout time by people like Constantine, these Fugitives are now returning to our world in droves and making a real mess of things. As the Time Bureau is distrustful of and ill-equipped to deal with magic, the Legends must team up with everyone’s favorite demonologist to set history back on track. Sara and Constantine are joined by compassionate inventor Ray Palmer (Brandon Routh), hotheaded ex-con Mick Rory (Dominic Purcell), rebellious totem-bearer Zari (Tala Ashe), and heartbroken historian-turned-superhero Nate (Nick Zano) as they set out to save the world – and their legacy. It’s the familiar fun of the Legends time-travelling across historical events and encountering famous figures with an added shot of magical craziness!

Alaska Yu: played by Ramona Young (blockers/santa clarita diet) "a typical 20-something easily swept up by romantic notions and fantasy novels. she's an expert in the world of magical creatures"

Hank Heywood: played by Tom Wilson (back to the future) "nate's father who has spent a lifetime in the military and department of defense. charming and charismatic, big shoes for nate to fill. doesn't know nate is a legend."










































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