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ONTD Original - 10 Rock Songs to Keep You Pumped During a Workout

We all know that a hot music playlist can make or break a good workout but sometimes it can be a hassle to find a good tune that has a perfect tempo and a high beats-per-minute to match what you're doing, whether it be cardio or strength building.

So here is a selection of my go-to high energy songs with killer lyrics for workouts. I've fine-tuned my playlist over the years but these songs have remained on my spotify list of the things I listen to when I need that musical boost. Enjoy!

Don't Mess With Me by Brody Dalle

Let's kick things off strong with this powerful anthem by Brody Dalle, of The Distillers and Spinnerette fame. Dalle's voice, notorious for its rough edge, will keep you pumped with her unfettering lyrics and with heavy drums.

Get Higher by Palace Royale

If you haven't heard of them, Palace Royale is the latest band being pushed by all the alt rock news outlets but I really dig their stuff. This upbeat and bouncy song sounds like it could be in the trailer for a cheesy teen or kids movie (not unlike this one), doesn't it? It would certainly do the its job of helping you get your heartrate higher. *ba dum tsss*

On My Way by Billy Boy on Poison

This good time tune will distract you from your hardcore workouts with its funky guitar and heavy drums. It's technically about a booty call, but hey, whatever gets your booty slamming right? Plus, soon you'll be on your way to being over with your workout!

Hot by The Regrettes

This high energy ditty is about not being into a dude who believes himself god's gift to women. I've found it gets me very pumped during workouts, I mean, check out that guitar riff from 1:35 to 1:45. This song will get you hot in no time. ;)

Fun fact: I have been in a mosh pit to this song and it was amazing.

Wolf Like Me by TV on the Radio

Another great song with a high BPM for your cardio days. Honestly, I prefer the live version as lead singer Tunde Adebimpe's voice has this great rawness that doesn't get translated in the studio version but one thing's for sure: this song will get you feeling the wolf you really are.

Turn Your Back by Billy Talent feat. Anti-Flag

This jamming melody is almost an adventure with how much it'll drive you. I dare you not to sing along. And how can you not, with lyrics like: "You run, run, away, but there's no place to hide, mate! / When the days turn into night, you don't got no chance to fight, / 'Cause you're too late, so kiss your ass goodbye, mate!"

Another Way Out by Hollywood Undead

A gift from the gods of spotify's daily mix playlist. This jazzy tune with a high BPM will keep you motivated on your long running treks with creepy lyrics like: "You better run, better run, better run, yeah I’m coming after you / When you’re sleeping at night, yeah there’s nothing you can do." Whatever gets you moving, right?

Tomorrow's Money by My Chemical Romance

Listen, I will be an MCR stan til the day I die ok. My workout playlists have featured many an MCR song over the years, especially with their songs off their nearly-completed but scrapped album Conventional Weapons (scrapped because the band didn't really feel any thematic theme with the songs they completed so they started over by working on new songs that would end up on their fourth album Danger Days). The songs from Conventional Weapons were finally released online a few months before the band's eventual split.

Invincible by OK Go

Yes, that same OK Go that's behind the many a music video that get more intricate and insane and they go on. Most people are dazzled by their hijinks but I find it overshadows their music. They've released a couple consistently good albums that are really great to keep you hyped while running but most people sleep on them still because of that one video with the treadmills.

Heads Will Roll by Yeah Yeah Yeahs

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs are clinically underrated ok. A majority of Karen O's stuff is great to work out to (I mean, have you tried it to her cover Immigrant Song? Killer, man.) since it's mostly all high energy stuff. So just let the heads roll with how hard you're going in your workout. :)

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ONTD, what songs do you like listening to while you work out?
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