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Doctor Who Roundup: SDCC 2018 Edition!

Jodie Whittaker on Her Way To SDCC

Doctor Who Hall H Panel

-Chris Chibnall talks about how during the 12 to 13 regeneration, a lot of the crew came to watch and were crowding around the monitors watching Jodie’s first take. They all were just like "Oh wow. Yep, she's the Doctor!" – Chibnall says the crew have been there for 10 or so years and he knew would be the harshest critics.
-Yaz (Mandip Gill) is 19 and from Sheffield, and she believes 1000000% in everything the Doctor says, and really really admires her. Like a lot.
-Tosin Cole is HILARIOUS and just cool and chill af. And keeps accidentally leaking spoilers.
-The relationship between the two male companions and between Yaz and the Doctor is really interesting, as well as between the three of them as friends.
-Jodie says the Doctor is a pillar of hope, striving for brightness and inclusion.
-The 13th Doctor treats everything with a sense of awe and respect, and has a true love for life and sense of joy
-LOTS of new villains and monsters to face!
-The most accessible inclusive season yet! Ten all new standalone episodes full of new heroes and new villains and new guest actors.
-They’re calling the companions FRIENDS not companions! Cuteness!

Doctor Who Series 11 Promo
As previously posted here, included in the Roundup for completeness.

Come on in and take another look!

New Promotional Images
Also released over the weekend was a new 13th Doctor poster, an artsy team poster, individual character posters in the same style, and three promotional images from the new season.

SDCC Photoshoots
Jodie Whittaker, Mandip Gill and Tosin Cole also partook in some traditional SDCC Photoshoot publicity action across the weekend, looking so adorable and perfect we all forgot Bradley Walsh even existed (sorry Bradley), and showing off their chemistry and sheer beauty realness to all and sundry.

Interviews & Press
Includes press line, MTV, Variety, IMDB Boat, TVLine and EW Facebook Live.

-The first episode is not a gender-related story in terms of the Doctor having to get to grips with a change in physical gender appearance, as in other regeneration first episodes where the Doctor spends that episode getting used to their new form. Chris Chibnall says it’s bypassed in that episode, but in other episodes in the season when going to different time periods the issue of the Doctor appearing female does come up in how other characters react to her.
-The first story is more a story of survival.
-Each companion has a different outlook, character, age, gender, race etc, and each has a very different relationship with the Doctor, Mandip Gill says. They are complex intertwined relationships between them all, and it feels like an ensemble and a team between the ‘friends’ (not companions!) Jodie says.
-Jodie reminds everyone it may be new for recent times, but the ORIGINAL Doctor, the 1st Doctor, had three companions in the TARDIS.
-Jodie finds it interesting the moments of POV from other characters, and they have their own moments.
-Mandip says that the 13th Doctor gives specific jobs/tasks to specific companions/friends – whatever their task is, it’s definitely for that character, and couldn’t be for anyone else.
-Tosin says there isn’t competition for the Doctor’s attention – more for who is silliest on set (Bradley Walsh).
-Chris Chibnall reiterates that this is the most accessible season for anyone who has never seen the show, and you don’t have to know literally ANYTHING to watch and enjoy, and everything is explained completely.

The Trio Out & About Around SDCC
And finally, the cast around SDCC together and apart, looking amazing, being stylish and cute.

Including some hand holding.

What We Learnt Overall about DW Series 11 at SDCC...
-no two-parter episodes for Season 11! All standalones!
-all new villains, all new monsters - don't expect to see old villains like the Daleks popping up.
-there WILL be a Christmas Special!!
-new sonic screwdriver!
-Jodie calls the Doctor "a pillar of hope striving for brightness and inclusion" 💖
-Series 11 will finally include the first stories in DW’s 55 year history by writers of colour!
-Also, Showrunner Chris Chibnall confirmed that the directors are equally split male/female, and all but one of the editors is female – with diversity behind the camera being a priority: "We’re doing lots, but our plan across time is to do lots more... It should be the most inclusive show on television. The whole concept of Doctor Who is that anybody can go anywhere and do anything, and we wanted to reflect that on-screen and off."
-The new TARDIS team is an ENSEMBLE of friends with the Doctor at their centre!
-Series 11 is the perfect starting point for those who have never seen DW before, as all new villains and stories and a fresh start, and anything that needs explaining will be. Deliberately the most inclusive and accessible series of Who yet.

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Is Jodie already YOUR Doctor, ONTD Gallifreyans?
And if you don't watch/previously quit Doctor Who, will you be tuning now?

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