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Rep. Jason Spencer drops pants, screams N-word, does Asian caricature on Sacha Baron Cohen's show

*Note that the video above does not censor the N-word.

Georgia GOP Rep. Jason Spencer recently appeared on Sacha Baron Cohen's Showtime show "Who is America?"

During his appearance, Rep. Spencer chased Baron Cohen with his bare ass while threatening to turn him into a homosexual, screamed the N-word a dozen times, did a racist impersonation of an Asian person, and used a selfie stick to get an upskirt shot of a woman in a burqa.

Rep. Spencer says that he was prompted to this behavior by Baron Cohen and while he regrets his participation, he plans to seek legal counsel to take action against the "fraudulently obtained footage." You can compare his television appearance and his statement side-by-side in the video below:

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Tags: comedy / comedian, isla fisher / sacha baron cohen, nudes / nsfw / nip slips, politics, pr training needed, race / racism, sensitive content, sexism
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