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Janelle Monáe on the Late Show w/ Stephen Colbert

+ They reminisce about attending President Obama's 55th birthday party
+ Janelle says it's the best party she's ever attended
+ Ellen DeGeneres pushed Stephen onto the dance floor and Janelle put her hat on his head, and that's how they met

+ They discuss their mutual love of science-fiction
+ Janelle grew up watching the Twilight Zone and was "one of those kids people were concerned about" because she loved it so much
+ She used to write short sci-fi stories that a theatre group would perform

+ She talks about Afro-futurism and cites Octavia Butler and Black Panther as influences
+ Her role in Hidden Figures and her album Dirty Computer both fit into Afro-futurism as well
+ Talks about what Stevie Wonder's influence means to her and talks about what he said to her in "Stevie's Dream"

Source 1 | Source 2

ONTD, did you watch anything as a kid that made people concerned about you?
Tags: barack obama / michelle obama, ellen degeneres, interview, janelle monáe, live performance, stephen colbert / the colbert report
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