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Conservatives try to expose "comedian" Anthony Jeselnik, doesn't work

CONTENT WARNING: This post contains subject matter that might be considered sensitive/upsetting.

Anthony Jeselnik is a comedian whose schtick is to be offensive but claims he is not as bad as those ~conservtive offensive comedians~ because his jokes are funnier or something. He has worked on the Jimmy Fallon show, comedy central, roasted Donald Trump, and his 2015 stand up special is on Netflix. I haven't seen it, so I can't tell you if it's funny or not. He also really really likes rape jokes about children and making light of children dying.

Some random conservative user, as revenge for Roseanne and in response to Jeselnik's political tweets, gathered a bunch of CSA jokes from Jeselnik's timeline in an attempt to call him out. Since Jeselnik is known for this type of "humor" his 1.14M followers banded behind him, expressing their thoughts about how funny his rape & pedo jokes are and making a lot of their own.

This was Jeselnik's response. Also you can see the quoted tweets, if you want to read garbage.

Followers of Jeselnik's twitter include celebs such as Chris Evans, Chelsea Peretti, Jordan Peele, Dylan Sprouse, John Mulaney, Luke Hemsworth, Kristen Schaal, Chrissy Teigen, basically every liberal learning comedian you can think of.

ONTD, have you laughed at a dead baby joke since the age of 13? This is the epitome of a team no one situation.

Source: Jeselnik's twitter.
Tags: chris evans, chrissy teigen / john legend, comedy / comedian, liam hemsworth, men are weak, netflix, politics, roseanne, sensitive content
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