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Alyssa Milano defends her new show Insatiable and shares her feeling about the Charmed reboot

Follow-up to this post.

During a live Periscope session, Alyssa Milano defended her new shows which has been criticized and received backlash for fat-shaming after Netflix released the trailer earlier this week.

She says that the show is satire, then proceeds to read the definition of satire from an online dictionary.

She hopes that show instigates conservation about how fat people are treated and shamed. She also said that people shouldn't judge the show from the trailer (isn't that the point?) and doesn't understand why Netflix chose to market the show like that.

She said that she has also been fat-shamed during her career and would never work on a show she didn't believe in.

When someone asked about her feelings on the Charmed reboot she said that she doesn't have any thoughts as she feels it's very disconnected from it. She feels like the reboot very distant from the original but hopes it stays in line with the integrity of the original idea which was about sisterhood and women finding their strength.

Says she still talks to Shannon Doherty and Holly-Marie Combs, however she has tried to reach out to Rose McGowan (who has called out Alyssa multiple times) but to no avail

Praises the Kardashian and says that they made her feel it was okay to be on TV without by skinny, and also their unity and love as a family.

Tags: apology / damage control, celebrity social media, charmed, netflix

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