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DC lifts female dtv ban in newly announced 2019 DC:DTV movie slate

-DC is pushing their boundaries come 2019 and will come out with a record breaking 4 animated films! That's 1 more then their usual 3 per year.

-Reign of the Supermen will of course be a sequel to Death of Superman and based on the comic book series that saw Superman die and 3 new Supermen emerge.

-Justice League vs. The Fatal Five will be an original story that pits the JL vs. The Fatal Five, a group of villains from the future.

-Batman: Hush will of course be an adaption of the best selling story of the same name. Batman: Hush comic centered around a mysterious stalker called Hush, who seems intent on sabotaging Batman from afar, and it includes a Batman villains such as Poison Ivy, Ra’s al Ghul and the Joker, as well as various members of the Batman Family and Batman's close ally Superman. It also explores the romantic potential between Batman and Catwoman. How closely will it be adapted? Probably a diet version that cuts out half the cast and streamlines the story.

-Last but not least....Wonder Woman: Bloodlines! Which will be an original movie! WW:Bl sees WW returning to a solo movie for the first time in 10 years when her first animated movie debuted. A sequel to the original movie was expected but it was cancelled after the 2009 film came out despite the film being a critically success and being the #5 seller in DC DTVs.

After what DC appeared to deem poor sales, they put a ban on all future female solo movies and did not allow females in the titles. Superman/Batman: Apocalypse was adapted from Superman/Batman: Supergirl from Krypton. Batgirl: Year One was scrapped all together and of course Wonder Woman was relegated to be a supporting character in various JL animated films.

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