Jimmy Kimmel: Trump Is The Taylor Swift of treason

Earlier this week 45 basically sided with Putin and disregarded Russia's interference with the 2016 elections.

"With all of this Moscow madness happening, according to a new poll from Reuters, 71 percent of Republican voters have a favorable view of how Trump has been dealing with Russia. Which is nuts!" Kimmel said. "But I was thinking about this today, and I think there's a simple explanation for it: They might not like what he's doing, they might not like him... but they love how pissed off it makes Democrats, and so they want it to keep happening."

He added, "Well, Trump kept his peace going by calling out his haters today on Twitter. He's the Taylor Swift of treason, he really is."

source= https://twitter.com/TooFab/status/1020179017813676033

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