Whoopi Goldberg Addresses Jeanine Pirro Blowup on The View

  • After yesterday's episode of The View got heated over Fox News panelist Jeanine Pirro accused Whoopi Goldberg of having 'Trump Derragement Syndrome', Goldberg cut the segment short and sent it to commercial out of anger.

  • Page Six reported that during the commercial break, Goldberg chased Pirro down and told her 'fuck you' and 'get the fuck out of the studio'.

  • Whoopi took to the air this morning to apologize for lashing out on air and to let people know that Jeanine left some tidbits out of her story.

  • Pirro went on Fox News last night and claimed Whoopi spit on her and basically confirmed she is the one who told Page Six what happened.

  • Whoopi say she lashed out at the cohosts during the break and at the audience and producers on set.

  • Sources close to the View say Pirro allegedly called the other panelist 'cunts' and the producers on set 'a bunch of cocksuckers'.

Ana Navarro, who was on the panel yesterday, took to twitter to defend Whoopi and call Jeanine out:

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