Justin Bieber tells creepy Hillsong pastor to fuck off & Post Malone to sing @ his wedding

Justin Bieber has apparently had a falling out with cult leader Karl Lentz. The two who were inseparable and gave off creepy Next Door Male exclusive vibes have stopped talking. The cult leader was a 'spiritual guide', during Beiber's troubled times back in 2013. Beiber who is still undergoing legal woes over throwing eggs at his neighbor's house may can face deportation, no fucking joke bro. It was during that time the cult leader took Justin under his wing and Beiber started being psycho as fuck singing christian songs at coachella and his weird ass wedding announcement sounding like some Duggar shit. Apparently the cult leader was asked what happened with Beibz and he sweated dodging that question. They haven't been seen together in public for months.

I guess Justin switched up homies and linked up with Post Malone. The 2 stoners have become best bro's, "I just want him to be happy. Whatever he does, I hope he's happy," White Iverson stated. The 'ra ta ta ta' rapper would be more than elated to perform at his bro's wedding. With these 2 in the room, you don't know where that smell is coming from.

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