Jeffree Star and Kat von D Reignite Their Feud

OP is relaxing today and just purchased herself to bougie things so it’s time to balance with some TRASH BEAUTY!!!!! In a peak moment of #TeamTheseRaggedyRacistsNeedtoLogout, Jeffree Star uploaded a video in which he does a lewk of brands who hate him or have taken him off PR lists. OP doesn’t really find this amusing as brands do need criticism but this can also show how many bridges a person has burned and the irony that it’s Jeffree doing this concept. I didn’t watch and will not, but what we did get from it was this gem and doggone it if this didn’t make me laugh:
New Excerpts from Wikipedia Problematica: Beauty EditionCollapse )

ONTD in the future will TB stand for Trash Beauty or Tuberculosis making a trendy return to the US? Also what else is going on in Trash Beauty?

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