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Ryan Murphy: "I'm not interested in shock value anymore"

- Murphy sat down with Ronan Farrow for an event hosted by the Hollywood Radio & Television Society and talked about his upcoming projects, "showrunning as advocacy," and how he's moved away from pushing the envelope.

- For instance, he nixed an appearance by middle-aged Donald Trump on Pose, saying "I just don't want to see him. I didn't want to see that face or hear that voice. I didn't want his presence to pollute something I thought was beautiful." [relatable] He called the show "the highlight of his career" and "burst into tears" when it got renewed "because it will change the lives of so many young kids being able to watch that show."

- He also talked about his Half Foundation initiative to increase diversity behind the camera, saying that he thinks "it’s 65 percent of all episodes are helmed by women or minorities," and said that female directors are more likely to take input, and embrace the "it takes a village" philosophy.

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