Lady Gaga Had A Song That Would 'Drive Fans Crazy', Says RedOne

- RedOne (who produced Gaga's biggest hits) spoke to a Spanish podcast about working with Gaga during the Joanne sessions. They wrote about 6 songs together, with one making it on the album ("Angel Down")

- Had a song called "Frankenstein" that could 'surprise the world' and make 'Gaga fans crazy'

- Their work was scrapped for the country approach of Joanne

- Also mentioned how Jimmy Iovine wanted "LoveGame" for the Pussycat Dolls, and how Gaga reminded him of Gwen Stefani

- OP wants to say that we haven't heard a pop song from both of them together in a while so I don't know why some liddos write him off as dated when his work is always different and #timeless with Gaga (ex: Judas, Scheisse, Alejandro) but I digressT.

Would you be here for a RedOne x Gaga dance song again?

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