Montana Wildhack (demented_21) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
Montana Wildhack

Law & Order:SVU Welcomes More (White) Cast Members

SVU will be adding two new recurring cast members for its 20th season, and they're both middle-aged white men! Just what the world needs!

George Newbern, of Scandal and Father of the Bride fame, will be playing a (rich white male) love interest for Rollins(!). His character will be a wealthy doctor-slash-cheating ho who is Amanda's ex and possibly future boyfriend. If you remember that episode which ruined Rollins forever, you'll recall that she horribly mistreated a sex worker (refusing to investigate her rape and throwing money at her), all because her cardiologist ex cheated on her. In all likelihood, this is him. Yay?

Also joining the cast is my Nip/Tuck bae Dylan Walsh (who, as you already know cause y'all have taste, was also in an iconique SVU episode from the Meloni years, when the show was still fun to watch). His role is more mysterious, but we do know he will be a (rich white male) beverage distributor. My best/worst guess? He'll be a love interest for Benson until he turns out to be a criminal who kidnaps Noah.

And, as always, none for Carisi.

Sources: twitter 1, twitter 2

ONTD, do you wish Carisi would get a (rich white male) love interest too? Do you think SVU should be renamed to Law & Order: White People* (*plus Ice T)? And are you excited for season 20? Cause I sure as fuck am not! Also, I miss you!
Tags: casting / auditions, law and order (nbc), mariska hargitay, scandal (abc), television, television - nbc, who asked for this
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