The R-rating for 'Eighth Grade' prevents its target audience from watching a movie that's about them


  • Bo Burnham's coming-of-age indie drama Eighth Grade was given an R-rating for language (the f*word is said five times) and the protagonist at one point gets her crush's divided attention by saying she's good at oral sex despite never having done it. The character tries to research oral sex by watching a YouTube tutorial, but she can't even make it through a few seconds of the video before getting grossed out.
  • The movie isn't a teen version of an adult sex comedy, though. It shows a teenager who is not ready to be having sex for social acceptance.
  • Parents with kids won't want to watch Eighth Grade because it will make them "cringe" or make them have to have awkward conversations with their children (ones they don't want to have with them to begin with).
  • The movie doesn't feature anything that isn't probably already depicted/talked about in the average middle school sex ed films. It does, however, bring up important topics (social media, nude selfies, the pressure to have sex) that educators are just too uncomfortable with to discuss with teenagers. The reviewer thinks the movie could be a good teaching aid for adults that feel that aforementioned way.
  • Since the movie is rated-R, the target audience will probably have to sneak in to see the movie or watch it later alone, rather than with their parents.
  • The reviewer thinks the MPAA should reconsider its standards for ratings, especially for a movie like this one. A lot of parents take their kids to PG-13 movies that are actually violent yet they feel they are "less awkward" to watch with their children.

Is the MPAA ridiculous, ONTD?
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