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'The Boys in the Band' Roundup; Andrew Rannells Gets Interviewed

  • Broadway Barks is an annual animal charity event where Broadway stars promote animal adoptions. Here, the cast of The Boys in the Band hold some of the pups that were available for adoption.

  • The Boys in the Band is a play currently running on Broadway at the Booth Theater through August 11th. The play stars Rannells, Zachary Quinto, Jim Parsons, Matt Bomer, Tuc Watkins, Charlie Carver, Michael Benjamin Washington, Brian Hutchinson and Robin de Jesús.

  • Summary from the show's website: MART CROWLEY’s landmark 1968 play centers on a group of gay men who gather in a NYC apartment for a friend’s birthday party. After the drinks are poured and the music turned up, the evening slowly eposes the fault lines beneath their friendships and the self-inflicted heartache that threatens their solidarity. A true theatrical game-changer, THE BOYS IN THE BAND helped spark a revolution by putting gay men’s lives onstage — unapologetically and without judgment — in a world that was not yet willing to fully accept them.

  • Andrew Rannells appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to promote The Boys in the Band.

  • He talks about working on the play, and one of the worst jobs he had in his career (as a greeter at the now-defunct Warner Brothers store in NYC), which he quit in the middle of a shift.

  • He discusses writing his memoir, and how he's almost 40.

  • Rannells talks about how the play was considered revolutionary when it was first produced in 1968, since it's a story about gay men. But there are a lot of mixed feelings about the characterization and content in 2018, including those worried that the show reinforces stereotypes.

  • Rannells acknowledges that there is a lot of hatred out there for the show, but points out that there is a lot more representation visible now that there was in 1968: “It's not a representation of every gay person. It's a representation of nine people on this one night. At the time, it was a symbol for all gay people. It doesn't have to be.”

  • Aside from starring in a Broadway show, he's writing a memoir focusing on his first few years in New York City. He grew up in Omaha, Nebraska and didn't see his first Broadway show until he was 18.

  • Says that he liked playing Elijah on Girls because he was a fully formed character, but he now gets offers for a lot of  "gay friend" roles.

  • More photos from the GQ shoot.

  • The Boys in the Band has made back its 3.5 million investment with four weeks left in its fifteen week run.

  • This is impressive; many shows don't ever recoup their investment.

  • Ryan Murphy is one of the show's producers.

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I can't think of a single celeb I like who has had a good Colbert interview, this one included.
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