Pete Davidson denied giving his ex Cazzie David his father's necklace before he gave it to Ariana

The relationship between Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson has certainly been a whirlwind, going from rumored dating to confirmed engagement in a matter of milliseconds. On the latest installment of #BadDecisions18 controversy has erupted over speculation that he gifted his late father’s FDNY necklace to his ex-girlfriend Cazzie David before to Ariana Grande. An Arianator spotted Cazzie donning the same necklace. Being caught in the act caused Gummy Jon Cryer Pete Davidson to reply, stating that he made replica necklaces. Gummy Jon Cryer said: " “i had a bunch of replicas made,” he continued. “my sister and grandpa also have one. the one that ari has is the one my dad actually died in and the one [he] wore his entire career and the one i’ve worn for 17 years. i’ve actually never taken it off other than for snl or work. so it means a lot of me. hope this helps. please learn to be nicer and not to assume the worst in people. it’s a terrible way to live. much love.”