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What happened on the last episode of "Luis Miguel La Serie"?

Luis Miguel: La serie is a Netflix (and telemundo) tv show about Luis Miguel, a (puerto rican born) mexican singer who is a latin-american icon and is known for these 3 things:

His enormous talent
His messy love life
His fucked up family

And Netflix didn't disappoint, the show has shown all those things about the singer and more facts we didn't know about him, but what most people want to know is what happened with his mom, Marcela Basteri, recent episodes have shown because Marcela and Luis Rey (Luismi's father) were separated but legally together, she also had to sign Luis Miguel's contract with Emi (because he was underage at that time and both shared custody), they weren't on the best terms and he tricked her to meet him, so what did the show address about her disappearance and Mickey's relationship with his father?

[Spoiler (click to open)]

-Luis Rey was the last one to see her.

-At first we are told Luis Rey died from cirrhosis but Tito (Luis Rey's brother) says he had another illness and it's implied it was AIDS

-Luis Rey tells Tito to promise him not to tell anything to Luis Miguel about his mom because he wants to do it.

-Luis Miguel confronts his father about the whereabouts of his mother and he (Luis Rey) tells him "You already know where she is" and then he dies.

-Luis Miguel is devastated and to calm him, Hugo López, his manager and father figure, gives him a folder and tells him the Mossad found his mother, we don't know what the folder contains because the episode ends after that.

Source 1: Me and my Netflix account
Source 2 3 and 4


ONTD latinos, what did you think about the show (if you have seen it)? discuss!!

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