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Queen LIZ Does a Q&A, Reveals Fav Xtina and Britney Songs + More

The underground and independent icon LIZ did a Q&A on her IG stories with fans upon releasing 🚀✨🛸☄️ Super Duper Nova 👽💥💫🌩 talking about upcoming releases, musical opinions, and other random things. OP did the work of screen grabbing bc idk how to download IG stories so I hope linking her IG is enough to source.

- The ICONIC Xtina ballad "Obvious" is her favorite ballad and decides between "Slave 4 U" or "Radar" as her fav Britney songs.

- She's currently listening to Years and Years' album Palo Santo

- Describes working with producer Sophie

- Her personal favorite songs of hers are "Stop Me Cold", "Could U Love Me", "U Over Them" or "High School Luv" (QUEEN of TASTE)

- Would like to collab with Stromae

- Considers her career as a Sailor Moon tribute act

- Talks about her creative process.

- She has another song with a video ready, and she's aiming for an August release + potential b-side to go along with it.

- Can't expect an album or ep anytime soon but more musical releases.

LOVE that she gave a shout out to THE song

Don't forget to catch her live in LA on Tuesday

Sources: 1 / 2 / me
Tags: britney spears, celebrity social media, christina aguilera, music / musician
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