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ONTD Original: Most Memorable Moments of the 2018 World Cup.

Well it's over! But that doesn't mean we can't look back at some of the most memorable moments from 2018's World Cup.

10) Maradona is a #mess

9) Senegal.

8) Toni Kroos scores a last minute goal for Germany

7) Xhaka and Shaqiri celebrate with the Albanian Eagle during Serbia vs Switzerland game.

6) American ref during the England vs Colombia game.


5) Neymar's dives inspires memes.

4) Belgium comes back 3 - 2 against a stunning opener by Japan.

3) South Korea Wins 2 - 0 against Germany.

2) France's Lloris kisses a dragonfly.

1) Croatia make it to the finals by beating England!

⚽️ Honorable Mentions ⚽️

Argentina vs Iceland, that save!

Uruguay vs Portugal, so long Crispy! Get that yellow card!

Belgium's Batshuayi kicks himself in the face! lol

ONTD what were your most memorable moments this World Cup?

src:batsu src:kroos src:lloris src:neymar src:ref src:mara src:croatia src:others
Tags: fifa world cup, sports / athletes, sports / athletes - soccer / football
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