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Southern Charm reunion sneak peak

-Instead of releasing the actual trailer for the reunion, Bravo has graced us with a sneak peak of the reunion that deals with Craigs sewing skills....

-Craig reveals he can sew in 2d but not in 3d and tried hard as shit to make the teddy bear for Cams newborn.

-Side note: Kathryn has regained 50/50 custody of her children!

Sourth Charm ended its season on a high note with Kathryn vs Ashley

Kathryn makes it clear that she does not want Ashley around her kids while Ashley tells Kathryn that she was just an egg donar.

Now that the season has ended Ashley has helped spread rumors that Kathryn had an abortion not to long ago from sleeping with someone.

-Kathryn reminisces about her start on the show at the ripe old age of 21.

-She was hated by everyone on social media but now she has been accepted by both which is weird to her.

-She gets messages from fans/mothers about how much of an inspiration she is which is weird considering how she started out on the show.

-Audience can see her conquering her demons and are able to see her as an adult now.

-Cam has a newfound respect for Kathryn. Looking back she sees that majority of Kathryn's behavior had to do with her immaturity due to her age and that she was taken advantage of.

-Austens girlfriend comes to his apartment to find that he had 2 girls stay the night and accuses him of cheating

-Austen and the girls deny

-One of the girls appears to have filmed the altercation

-Austens gf claims this is months ago and the two have moved on from it

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